This is where our products come from

The organic farms for our complementary foods are located in various fertile regions of northern Germany and range from the Schleswigsche Geest near the Danish border to Dithmarschen, in western Schleswig-Holstein, to the gates of Hamburg in the Alte Land and the Lüneburger Heide.

How do fruits & vegetables get into the jar?

Delivery of regional products

We only process certified organic fruits & vegetables from our North German organic farms. You can recognize this quality promise by the organic seal of approval on our porridge jars. It also stands for the fact that we adhere to the strict legal regulations for the processing of organic agricultural products and are regularly inspected for compliance. As Bioland partners, we are committed to regionality and support the "Seven Bioland principles".
We only have the fresh fruit and vegetables delivered from our organic farms shortly before production. 

Processing & Product Safety

We work closely with the KIN food institute in Neumünster to ensure the quality of our products. At Sprösslinge, the pure fruit - free of any additives or preservatives - is cooked down to the highest safety standards. With the KIN, we fiddled around until we were able to automate a cooking process that was as gentle as possible for the baby food. It is important to us that we optimize the entire manufacturing process, from incoming goods to outgoing goods.


We fill our complementary foods in jars. Glass is a packaging material that is harmless to health, as no harmful substances can be released into the product. This makes it particularly suitable for a sensitive product such as baby food.

We have also conscientiously designed the jar lid with the health of our babies in mind, in order to prevent possible harmful substances in the baby food: we only use PVC-free organic lids.

Environment & Recycling

Most of our delicious baby cereals are available in 180g disposable jars. For a small baby food company - like us - disposable jars leave the smaller Co2 footprint when they are usually taken to the used glass containers. A high weight of the jars and long distances of the return transport make an own reusable system ecologically disadvantageous.
Basically, however, we are big fans of waste avoidance and reuse and put a lot of thought into our packaging.
That's why we also offer some of our varieties in 250g returnable deposit jars. This is the standard dairy returnable jar, which you can simply return to organic supermarkets.
By the way, this makes us the first baby food manufacturer to offer baby food in reusable jars!  

And for the small jars there are super upcycling alternatives: Have you ever grown cress in your porridge jars, for example! Try it out! 

How about baby porridge of the carrot, parsnip or apple variety?

Here you get organic baby food made from fresh regional products - simply perfect for the introduction of complementary food and the development of your baby.