The history of SPRÖSSLINGE

Since the birth of their child, Janna & Frank have been more interested than ever in healthy eating and sustainability. They wanted to feed their offspring as toxin-free as possible and at the same time wish him a green planet that has many an adventure in store for him. But the decision for a conscious diet that is oriented to the special needs of babies and at the same time does good for nature can demand a lot from new parents:

When do I start feeding complementary foods? Where can I find fresh, uncontaminated products? How do I prepare baby food correctly? How do I store it and how long can it keep? And last but not least: What's actually in conventional ready-to-eat jars when things have to be done quickly?

The two wanted a porridge that was tailored to the individual needs of their baby, who could only be introduced to new foods gently due to sensitive skin. Many commercially available porridges were therefore ruled out. In the spirit of nature, the couple also preferred seasonal products from the region. And so they finally took the care of their baby into their own hands, oriented themselves to baby porridge recipes and cooked fresh every day on the stove at home.

The birth of offspring leads back to a sunny day in Berlin, which they spent - as so often - on the playground. Unlike usual, this time they didn't have enough baby food with them. In the supermarket, they were disillusioned to find that no baby food was convincing: Bolognese baby food was lined up with a baby food with a cookie. The only suitable porridge was a fruit mix, which was then eliminated due to the addition of cereals. With empty hands and a hungry baby, the beautiful day came to a hasty end.

This experience led to the founding of the innovative baby food company "Sprösslinge"which makes the healthy & pollutant-free nutrition of babies as well as the protection of nature its task..

The team

The idea for a regional baby porridge excited the circle of friends so much that Anne quit her job as an e-commerce specialist to join the founding team without further ado. Anne's daughter had already outgrown porridge, but topics such as sustainable and, above all, plastic-free nutrition as well as regionality were already very close to her heart, so she was on fire for the product. Since then, Frank and Anne have shared management duties and are responsible for the strategic development of the company.

Anne Harborth and Frank Richter from Sprösslinge

"Our vision is to relieve parents in the 1st year of their child's life. We take care of the healthy and environmentally friendly nutrition of your baby. By doing so, we give you valuable family time."